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Creative Alliance is the specialist provider of apprenticeships for Creative people.

Choosing to work with us will mean that you are employed by one of the best creative companies. Our partners include theatres, advertising agencies, marketing companies, galleries, film-makers, the education sector and more.

Your new job will be exciting and interesting and will give you a competitive edge and a valuable step up into a new creative career.

We have live vacancies available now and more coming every week.

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Why do an apprenticeship?
This is what you get……
  • A Job

    You will have a real, paid job with career development opportunities.

  • A Training Course

    You will get training at work and off the job to include, coaching, mentoring, seminars and research.
    You will develop the skills and knowledge and put it into practice at work straight away.

  • An Experience

    You will gain experience, get to be creative, build your CV and start to grow a career.

Who can do an Apprenticeship?
(As long as you are not already qualified in the area you will be working).
Who pays?
Your employer and the government.

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The Benefits of Taking on an Apprentice

The Benefits of Taking on an Apprentice

Noel Dunne talks about the benefits of taking on an apprentice

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Trilby - Anna Field

Trilby - Anna Field

Anna is an operations manager for Trilby Media

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Modus Creative - Guy Marson

Modus Creative - Guy Marson

Guy Marson is the Creative Director at Modus Creative

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