Advice for Applying

How do I get a Creative Apprenticeship?

Are you a young person looking to apply for an apprenticeship? Is it your first time applying to a job or to an apprenticeship specifically? Not sure what to put in your application? Don’t worry; we are here to support you.

Things to consider when applying

The Vacancy – Look at what you’re applying for. Is this what you want to do? Would you be happy in the job role AND in the company?

If it’s an amazing job role, but not in your desired company, or if it’s in your desired company but it’s not the desired role, it’ll only be a matter of time before you will feel like leaving. Try to find out as much as you can about the vacancy to ensure your happiness.

After you’ve checked out the vacancy description, the key responsibilities, the hours you will be working, the wage you will be getting, the company you will be working for and the skills required from you, make sure you’re happy with it all and apply. We have to make sure that you are registered with the National Apprenticeship Service – all applications come to us from there.

With the NAS system, there’s no way of submitting a CV, so instead you complete an application form.

This is where you sell yourself.

Find an apprenticeship

Employer Questions

We would say that this is the most vital part of your application. These two questions are what the employer has specified you to answer, which means that you need to answer it fully.

If the question is “Tell us about something that you’ve achieved in the past 6 months that you are proud of”, explain what have you been doing within those 6 months that show your motivation for the job role.. For example, if it’s a Graphic Design position, have you been working on any designs in your own time for other people or just for yourself as a way of practicing?

Another question that might come up is “Tell us about why you think you would fit this role”. Think about the job description, person specification and skills required and match it to yourself. If the employer wants a marketing apprentice, tell them why they should choose you for it, e.g. “I think I would fit this role because I have done a lot of marketing for an organisation that I volunteer for, including design pieces and social media.”

Work Experience

The first thing is work experience. Do you have any work experience? Give us as much detail as you can to show the employer that you can transfer your skills.

A lot of people will only have the two weeks that they got from school – that’s fine. Talk about what you had to do during then.

If you feel like you have no work experience, think about things that you may have done in school or college such as, “helped set up for the Art & Design exhibition where I arranged the display and the layout of the room, then I greeted people when they arrived and made relevant conversations throughout”.

Another thing is volunteering. If you have ever taken part in any volunteer work, talk about it. It could be taking part in cleaning the local river, or it could be something like organising a fundraising event. It speaks volumes about you.

About you

Sell yourself, talk about your strengths. If the employer says, “Candidate needs to have basic knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite”, give an example of having used the software before. Remember that the employer does not know you and cannot assume you have done something without you backing it up with an example.

What skills would you like to improve? There has to be something. Maybe it’s your telephone skills, your confidence when meeting new people or your knowledge of certain software. This shows that you are motivated and driven, trying to be the best you can.

Your hobbies & Interests. Think of things like, are you interested in different cultures? Do you like to travel? Do you volunteer? Remember to tell them about your achievements too.

Let the employer get to know you. You might even have something in common.