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Creative Alliance is an Independent Training Provider that operates as a social enterprise. We specialise in enabling talented people from different backgrounds and experiences to succeed. We help them get into and then get on in creative, digital and marketing roles within any company. We do this by providing careers education, apprenticeships and training courses for people to help them get their foot in the door.

We provide Work Based Learning and apprenticeship programmes for a range of different roles including digital marketers; digital content producers; graphic designers; theatre technicians; event organisers; photography assistants; customer service practitioners and many more.

Since 2005 Creative Alliance have worked with hundreds of employers to help grow their businesses. This includes providing ​advice for employers​ about employing an apprentice or training existing staff to strengthen the skills within their organisation.

We have successfully linked the right talent with the right workplace creating sustainable employment for people and providing businesses with access to the next generation of creative, digital and marketing talent

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“The relationship between myself and CA and the development coach works really well. All communicating very well, and the support given by all at CA is great and has really benefited me in my personal growth working with apprentices.”

Ryan Mason | Royal Shakespeare Company

“The development coach was exceptionally professional and knowledgeable. He supported us, the employer and the apprentice very effectively.“

Gnu Films

“Regular engagement with Creative Alliance is what makes it work. They allow us to get on with what we do. They have supported us and helped us through every phase of the apprenticeship process. With that, it’s not been a resource-heavy experience and we have a great apprentice who is now a full-time employed member of the team.”

Drew Burtenshaw | The Partnership

“Creative Alliance made the whole process very straightforward, ensured that we selected the correct candidates and provided us with peace of mind knowing that they are only a phone call away for any ongoing support we need. All in all an excellent service.”

Simon McCarroll | PrintBots

“I have had four apprentices and have worked with the Creative Alliance for over 3 years. They are incredibly supportive and open-minded, always there to provide help and guidance not just for the apprentice but also for the employer. Their focus and mindset is in the creative industry and they fully understand the nature of what organisations like mine do and the constraints and pressures that we work under; and as a result working harmoniously in partnership with us and our young people.”

Guy Marson, Creative Director | Modus Creative

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