A success rate to be proud of.

20 results in for our apprentices: 95% pass rate of which 37% at distinction and just one referral.

In May 2017 the apprenticeship programme changed from an old assessment led framework model to a new training led approach called Apprenticeship Standards. These are more streamlined, modern apprenticeships that are based on actual job roles in industry.

One of the biggest changes was that all apprenticeship standards have End Point Assessments: EPA. These include portfolio presentations, tests and projects, all done under exam conditions.

Under the old framework apprenticeships, learners were continuously assessed whilst “on programme”. So, at the end of the programme, if all had gone well the learner would be 100%, assessed and complete having completed this as they had gone along.

The End Point Assessment is designed for the apprentice to prove they have acquired the knowledge, skills and behaviours to enter the industry in the role they have been learning. It’s a thorough and rigorous process. It also includes a potential Distinction as well as Pass grading.

So, to meet these new End Point Assessment requirements, Creative Alliance worked with employers to develop completely new training plans. This helped us make sure we kept our training industry relevant and tailored to our employers. The results that have come in have shown that we have had approached these new apprenticeships in the right way.

Digital Marketer

8 completed – 7 Passed including 1 Distinction + 1 referral

Junior Content Producer

4 completed – All Passed – 4 Distinctions

Creative Venue Technician

1 completed – Passed

Business Administration and Customer Service Practitioner

5 Completed – All Passed.

These results are just a validation of the hard work our apprentices, employers and training team have put in to making these new qualifications work. So well done to all our apprentices and good luck to those going through End Point Assessment, you are in good hands.

If you are interested in an apprenticeship or getting an apprentice then please email us on info@creativealliance.org.uk