£3000 Grants to Employers who Recruit NEW Apprentices

Grants for new hires extended and improved

Employer incentive payments to encourage employers to recruit new apprentices into their businesses were introduced back in the summer of 2020. These incentive payments have now been DOUBLED to £3000 for every new apprentice, regardless of their age.

16-18 year olds come with an additional £1000 payment to the employer anyway so for that age group, the grant paid to an employer is now £4000. This is also the case for any young person aged up to 24 with an Education, Health & Care Plan.


Employers can use the grant in any way they think appropriate to their business needs. Most will use the grant as a contribution towards the wages they pay an apprentice. Others have used it to purchase specialist equipment or software or to invest in highly specialised training.

50% of the incentive payment comes a third of the way through the apprenticeship and 50% at the end when they have completed.

How have these grants helped our employers?

Popcorn, a customer acquisition business, were one company who took advantage of the scheme back in the summer when they recruited Kai Prime as a Digital Marketer Apprentice.

Managing Director Simon Washbrook commented that:

“We provide small businesses with the essential tools, to help them convert their Social Media Contacts into customers . For any small business there are daily challenges in balancing customer, business and financial needs. The employer incentive grant is really valuable. Any financial support helps with the decision to take on a new apprentice. Thoroughly recommend other employers to take advantage of it.”

The impact of an apprentice can be immediate in terms of increasing the profile of a company.

Jamie Painter is a Digital Marketer Apprentice with AE Aerospace. Here’s some marketing Jamie produced for the engineering company for International Women’s Day on March 8th. This is her message to her Development Coach:

“Hi David, I thought I’d share the article with you for women’s day. I know we were discussing what angle to take. I decided that many companies would go down the hard hitting fact route and In the end I decided to do an open letter sharing the different types of females we have working here at AE followed by any advice we can offer! It’s an easy read but links back to sharing the stories of our people ? https://www.aeaerospace.com/post/a-letter-from-us-to-you-womensday

We can all do something to contribute to our community and economy recovery. Make use of the grant, create an opportunity and give a young person a chance to start their career.

For more information about how to take on a creative, digital or marketing apprentice and make use of the employer incentive grant contact James Ellis: james@creativealliance.org.uk