4 Reasons why a Digital Apprenticeship is the best way to kick off the New Year

As 2018 has just begun, this can be a time of reflection for many young people. Most have caught themselves wondering ‘what can i do better this year?’ and ‘what opportunities lie ahead for me?’. We want to show you 4 reasons why a Digital Apprenticeship could be perfect for you this New Year:

  1. New year, new start

The New Year is the ideal time to try new things, be it join the gym, try out a new hobby, travel the world…. But also I feel it is a time to turn over a new leaf. As cliched as it sounds all those “new” things I mentioned before are ways to improve yourself. But have you looked properly at your path in life. Are you truly happy in what you are doing as an occupation? Or could it be a little better, bit more your style. We work with lots of young people who want to get into the workplace; learn how the digital industry works in real life. Not just theory. This is where a Digital Apprenticeship works well.

2. Further your dream career who realise their time is best spent forging their career.

Did you ever feel like you didn’t want to go to college or university but couldn’t gain the right experience without it? We work with a variety of young people who enjoy a different way of learning. This could range from helping out on the backstage of a production to creating social media content for a business. Our focus is on work-based learning with the employers that will help you boost your skills for the future.

3. Learn new skills

Things you learn while working stay with you for a long time. Tips, tricks and methods are all invaluable to progressing in the future. Apprenticeships act as your first job, and so the things you will learn will be a lot and likely cover a range of different areas.

4. Make new connections

Did you know that over 90% of apprentices currently go into further employment or training? Digital apprenticeships provide work experience that looks fantastic on your CV and you will be sure to feel like part of the team. Employers may even be able to provide references for you and support you in the future.

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