4 tips for apprentices to get through holiday season

A few tips for apprentices to get through the busy Christmas period.


1. Keeping on top of stress

December is a busy month for businesses as they push ahead to complete tasks before the new year approaches. As apprentices, adapting to this pace can sometimes be challenging, and can seem quite daunting. At these times it is important to keep a clear mind and focus on the task ahead. Maybe try buying a planner or diary, to plan out and prioritise the tasks you need to do during your day, or set yourself time goals to get things completed. It is important to not get too overwhelmed by tasks and know your limits. Mental health is an important factor for productivity in the workplace.

2. Understanding Christmas holidays

As an apprentice, you should always check your holidays with your workplace to ensure you have the time you want off. It is also good practice to check this earlier to avoid disappointment further down the line as others may also want the same days off. Clarifying when your workplace breaks up for Christmas and starts again in the New Year is also handy to know, so that you end up going to work on the correct days.

3. Keeping healthy

Winter is the opportune time for colds and viruses to thrive and spread and your office is the ideal breeding ground. Keyboards, mice, phones, pens, books, mugs, and tissues can all host bacteria that can spread amongst you and your colleagues, so its important to keep these things clean and prevent this spread from happening. If you do unfortunately find yourself with a cold or flu virus, know your limits and communicate with your manager, make sure you do your best to limit the spread of germs to your colleagues. Wrapping up warm in low temperatures and drinking warm drinks will also help protect you from colds and viruses.

4. Holiday celebrations

Your workplace may host an annual Christmas party for its employees and these can provide great opportunities to bond with your colleagues, however, there are some distinct differences between a work Christmas party and a family/friends Christmas party. Keeping a level of professionalism is important at these events as you will be amongst colleagues and managers, so you need to make sure your image is respectable. Being mindful of other colleagues’ religions, traditions and beliefs is also important as they may not celebrate Christmas, however, this does not always mean they do not want to participate in Christmas celebrations.

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