Your future after the Apprenticeship

If you are reaching the end of your apprenticeship, you are probably wondering what you will being doing after. What will be your future and career potential. Below are five options that may help you to answer that question:




In A Permanent Position

It is highly likely that you will be offered a job in the company you completed your apprenticeship with, but this is not always the case. if you do not get offered a job straight away, it may be worth pitching to your boss how you can improve the company if they take you on. How can you change and improve the company for the future. This will show that you have initiative, and prove that you have a genuine interest in working for the company.

If for some reason, the company are unable to employ you full time after your apprenticeship, do not worry, there are plenty of other options for you to consider…


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The Next Level 

After completing a level 2 or 3 apprenticeship, you have the option to move onto a level 3 or 4 afterwards, and in some cases you can even move onto a degree level apprenticeship after that.  You may be able to arrange moving onto the next level of your apprenticeship with your existing employer, or you can speak to your apprenticeship provider about what options for the next level of apprenticeships are available to you. Please see the official government website with information on this.



Finding A Job

After completing your apprenticeship, you have the option of transferring the skills you have learnt into a job role at a new company. you can use the qualification you have gained as a stepping stone into a career in the same job role within a different company, or even different sector. You can also apply for roles that are similar to the role in which you trained as an apprentice. There are plenty of ways to look for current job vacancies, and making sure your CV is up to scratch will help improve your chances of success. And on all of these things your assessor can support and guide you.



Expanding Your Knowledge

You may want to continue learning after your apprenticeship, in order to expand your knowledge in a certain topic or to improve your employability. You have plenty of options for continuing education after your apprenticeship, including: another apprenticeship in a different job role, university, college, work experience, or various training courses. There are lots of different ways you can use education to expand on or improve what you already know. For example, if you have completed an apprenticeship in graphic design, you can look for work experience within a design firm or study graphic design at college or university. Or if your apprenticeship is in cultural and heritage venue operations, you could add to your knowledge through training courses in areas like customer service or local history.



Becoming Self-Employed

The skills you have learnt during the apprenticeship, as well as your experience working in the industry could put you in a good position to set up your own business, or work freelance for various other companies. The benefits of this are often more flexible hours, the opportunity to travel with work, choose who you work with, and effectively be your own boss.This option isn’t suitable for everyone however; it requires hard work, more hours, commitment, and you can’t always guarantee a steady income. But if you get it right – it can be an exciting and bright future.

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