5 reasons why a Software Developer Apprenticeship is the best training for your staff.

In late 2019 we worked with software and web developers to create a training plan for our Software Developer Apprenticeship. And we are currently looking for employers to hire the next generation of Digital Talent. But the software developer apprenticeship is so good – we have found top digital companies want it for their current staff and here is why:

1. You get Microsoft qualifications:

Keep in mind the Government are paying for 95% of this course and it contains industry-standard certificates. Certificates that people who work in the industry go out and get themselves. This particular certificate to be exact – Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. Gone are the days of NVQ’s and BTEC’s, the new apprenticeships have listened to the employers and are now going to give people the qualification that are respected by the sector.

2. You get British Computer Society qualifications:

This feels like what we said above, but as well as the Microsoft certificate you also get the diploma in Software Methodologies, from BCS. And it is paid for by the Government. Amazing.

3. Our training programme has been approved by employers:

Not only approved but also developed. We ran a scheme called “Skill Builders” where we worked with multiple employers from web developers to games developers over an 8 week period to build a training programme. This included looking at how we structured the training, what projects we would do, what qualifications they would get. This was a genuine exercise from employers who cared about what people would be taught and that it was right for the sector.

4. It is a level 4 qualification:

This means its a foundation degree standard. This is a high-level qualification. So placing your current staff will give them a real sense of ambition and increase their loyalty to the company. As well as increasing their abilities and a deeper understanding of their role.

5. The Government pays for 95% of it:

You can get an £18,000 training course for £900. This is how the software developer apprenticeship works. It’s actually how all apprenticeships work. 95% funded by the government. Being a potentially smaller employer means that you cannot offer your staff the perks of a larger employer. And often one of those perks is furthering their career and additional training. You can now do this for your valued staff.

Look at our info sheet and see what you get for your £900.


These qualifications are fantastic, our programme is right for the industry and they will bring in the right talent for web developers, games designers, IT software companies.


If you want to find out how to access the funding for a software developer – Please contact us here