How Apprentices Can Help The Healthcare Sector Succeed.

What impact has COVID-19 had on the presence of healthcare on social media?

Since COVID-19 there is a larger presence of healthcare on social media. From companies offering mental health services, to advertising the importance of washing your hands all the way to the government encouraging people to stay safe through multiple “Hands. Face. Space.” campaigns.

Creative Alliance are specialists in Creative, Digital and Marketing apprenticeships. Our Digital marketing level 3 apprenticeship is one of our most popular and is a perfect match to help get you into the world of social media marketing.

SEO and Blog writing

As part of our apprenticeship program, a digital marketer will attend multiple training seminars to improve and bring in new skills. One of the things they will learn about is Search Engine Optimisation and blog writing. These are essential to getting your website to the first page of google.

Social Media Campaigns

If you’re in a position where you post to social media but don’t quite have the team to be thinking of new campaigns every few months, then an apprentice just might add the capacity that you need. Our training sessions teach apprentices what a successful campaign would look like. We also get them to create their own makeshift campaign. The idea of this training is that they can then go back to their employer and be able to deliver them confidently.

Email Marketing

Social media isn’t the only way to target your digital audience. Apprentices will be taught how to set up email campaigns that will reach your audiences inbox with engaging titles and even more engaging content. They will look at design and layouts as well as call to actions that will get your content more engagement.


If you have never really bothered with social media marketing or you are just starting out, then it is always good to create a social media strategy. This will help you outline what you plan to do and what your goals are. It’s helpful as a guideline to show whether you are succeeding or failing. At Creative Alliance we will provide training to apprentices on how to create an effective social media strategy for their company and teach them how to develop meaningful and measurable goals.

Analytics for social media and web

Marketing managers discussing social media analytics

A Digital Marketer will do much more than just post to your social media channels. There is a lot of thought that goes into each post or campaign. They will need to be able to analyze all platforms including your website to develop new content that will help reach your goals set out in your marketing strategy. Our Digital Marketer training demonstrates how to effectively analyze social and web platforms and come up with reports that tell you why something has gained traction or hasn’t. Following this, they will be able to post content that your audience likes and engages with.

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