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Creating connections that empower the success of  creative and digital communities. We are Creative Alliance.
Our Values & Mission

Helping all people achieve their success. We believe that creativity is  fundamental for the development of any community or organisation, and anyone should be able to make a living from doing creative work. Creative Alliance exists to support emerging talent overcome the many barriers to creative success, through professional work-based training.

Creative Core
How we
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Making things happen

Creativity can be spontaneous, but it’s most often found through hard work. Similarly, Creative Alliance simply happened over time. It was through the hard work and commitment of individuals and organisations that the original board of Creative Alliance was formed, with a strong drive to support young creatives grow their talent and become the future leaders of the creative industry…



The original alliance occurred when the directors of Birmingham Artists, Friction Arts, and Seeing the Light approached Creative Alliance director Noel Dunne, to determine funding opportunities to train young creatives’ skills and thinking, so they could earn a living from their creative practice and thinking.

During the first years of Creative Alliance various programmes were created to support the growth of young creative talent including:

• Morning After: Where attendees got support from industry leaders to tackle the “morning after” graduating, when most people have a degree, but no direction for the next step in their careers.

• Frameworks Model: The beginning of what is now the apprenticeship model for further education.

• Kickstarter Programme.



Today, Creative Alliance’s board continues to safeguard our mission statement and values towards the creative industry, and now including organisations such as Fabric, Midlands Arts Centre (MAC), McCann and Swof Media.

Through our 20 years of experience we have trained thousands of apprentices create successful careers that have helped the development and growth of many organisations in the creative industry.

We’ve also grown as an independent social enterprise and broaden the reach of our support through:

• Skills Bootcamps: Government funded intensive courses that provide the foundational skills in various creative practices for both new talent looking start their career, or professionals looking for new beginnings or skill sets.

• Headspace: A very successful pilot programme that provided mentorship and career support to creatives aged between 19-30 years across five different creative sectors: Film & TV, Music, Performance, Visual Arts and Marketing.

• Homegrown: A collection of inspiring videos and stories from some of the most creative professionals that call Birmingham their home.

We are now working on continue improving the quality of our education and programmes, to become one of the most notable training providers un the UK, in the creative and digital sector.

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Noel Dunne


John Parker

Associate Director

Helen Dixon

Quality Assurance Manager

James Ellis

Business Development Manager

Victoria Morris

Theatre & Venue Lead

Development Coaches
David Bamber

Marketing Lead

Development Coaches
James Griffin

Content Creator Lead

Development Coaches
Andy Logie

Production Lead

Development Coaches
George Morris

Development Coach

Development Coaches
Tom Veasey

Development Coach

Development Coaches
Jim O’Raw

Development Coach

Development Coaches
Craig Cordice

Development Coach

Development Coaches
Emma Rayne

Development Coach

Development Coaches
Simon Roberts

Development Coach

Development Coaches
Fathia Warren

Functional Skills Tutor

Development Coaches
Tania Hemming

Apprenticeship Recruitment Manager

Jane Wright

Apprenticeship Recruitment Manager

Tom Croft

Business Development & Recruitment Coordinator

Ellie Dearn

Operations Coordinator

Louise Buckle

Company Administrator

Shaina Fisher

Administration Assistant

Hasan Khan

Business Administrator

Gustavo Tovar

Evaluation & Data Coordinator

Sarah Palmer

Graphic Designer & Digital Marketer

Jordan Kirby

Video Producer & Digital Marketer

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Our accolades prove our impact

Throughout the years, we’ve garnered accolades for our unwavering commitment to industry-leading training, non-profit endeavours, and the creative community. However, the true measure of our success lies in witnessing emerging talent soar to the heights of their aspirations.

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Aaron Carmichael
Apprentice of the Year
Inspirational Youth Awards 2023
Lili Peberdy
Emerging Excellence Award
ABTT: Association of British Theatre Technicians 2023
Nominated for
Partner of the Year Award
Youth Employability Awards 2022
Nominated for
Social Enterprise of the Year
Birmingham Awards 2021
Jamie Painter
Creative, Media & Marketing Apprentice Award
BAME Apprenticeship Awards 2021
Taylor Rooke
Future Faces Apprentice of the year
Future Faces Awards 2020
Lubna Suleman
Creative & Digital Apprentice
The Asian Apprenticeship Awards 2016
Education, Training & Jobs –
Social Enterprise of the Year
UK Social Enterprise Awards 2015
Social Enterprise Profit
UK Social Enterprise Awards 2014
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How we
got here

Creative Alliance was founded by Noel Dunne


Creative Alliance was founded by Noel Dunne

LiLi showing the award for emerging excellence

Creative Alliance was founded by Noel Dunne


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