Introducing our Apprentice Ambassador scheme.

The apprentices give back!

Wednesday 24th October 2018

Creative Alliance introduced our brand new initiative; the ‘Apprentice Ambassador Scheme’ at a meeting held towards the end of October. It’s been put together to create a new and exciting opportunity for current and past apprentices of Creative Alliance.

The scheme will allow apprentices to develop their personal and professional selves, build their network and potentially create some exciting collaborations with new people.

A growing issue that we’ve been fighting to get to grips with over the last few years is proving the value that apprenticeships can bring to a business! Having Apprentice Ambassadors that can speak directly to both potential learners and employers, sharing their own experiences and advice, is invaluable.

Along with this, Apprentice Ambassadors will have the chance to broaden their skills in different areas, such as writing blogs, attending events with the team, helping to plan exhibitions and presenting feedback to board. These are just a few of the things they will do, the options are endless! Whatever they want to develop themselves in, we want to help them to achieve it.

On Wednesday the 24th of October a group of apprentices, both past and present, met with the Creative Alliance team to discuss the ambitions for the Apprentice Ambassador scheme

The meeting itself was full of positive comments and the group gave a lot of great suggestions, ones that we didn’t even think of! Hearing the group’s feedback and ideas was very beneficial for us as it’s helped us to evaluate areas that even we can improve on. They were a very enthusiastic bunch and weren’t shy to express themselves, which was fantastic. The atmosphere in the room was inspirational!

The meeting ended on a positive note, the group went away to think about everything that was discussed and we also asked to make their final decision as to whether they want to be an Ambassador. The next meeting will be arranged for the end of November/beginning of December where the first activities will be assigned, and the group can formally commence.

A massive thank you and well done to those that attended, we hope to see you again at the next meeting as Creative Alliance Ambassadors!

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