Apprentice Ambassador’s Launch Night

Get a chance to speak to apprentices and about your apprenticeship.

On November 2018 we set up an apprentice ambassador scheme. The idea of this scheme was to get apprentices both “graduated” and current to assist, support and develop the apprenticeship programme.

Since that date they have met regularly and are looking to move forward with some of their actions. To find out more about the apprenticeship scheme and how it started please click here.

What we do want to promote here is their new event that they are hosting on 25th of April at the Night Owl in Birmingham.

This event is so the apprentice ambassadors can introduce themselves to those who they want to help. All five Creative Ambassadors will be there, so if you’ve got any questions regarding your studies, OneFile, post-apprenticeship life… it’s a perfect opportunity to ask!

If you’re interested but unsure about attending alone, fear not – the more the merrier! Please feel free to bring along family members, friends or work colleagues with you, just make sure they’ve registered too.

So if you are looking into apprenticeships, a current apprentice or even a past apprentice looking to assist then register on the following link:

Click here 

Use the password: Ambassadors19


If you want to find out more about the ambassador scheme then click here