Lisa Voss, digital marketing apprentice, completes 12 months of her apprenticeship.

For the last 12 months, each quarter we have been sharing the diary of Lisa Voss’ time as a Digital Marketing Apprentice at Formation Media.

This is the last entry from Lisa as she provides us her journal from September to November.

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Sept 2018 – Lisa Voss Formation Media Apprenticeship Journal

I think it’s incredibly important for me to be transparent in this journal – I’ve found it’s been increasingly difficult to juggle both my workplace work, alongside my studies in the last few months. After recently taking on a PR and lead copywriter role at Formation, I’m finding myself more and more busy each week!

If you’re considering an apprenticeship, I couldn’t recommend it enough for taking that daunting leap into a new industry, but please be aware – it’s hard work! Juggling a full-time job whilst finding time to tackle industry-based theory isn’t something to be considered lightly.

It is however, extremely important to communicate with your development coach – I was amazed at how flexible apprenticeship assessments are – they can be tailored around your workplace commitments, and even your learning preferences! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and personalise your studies!

Oct 2018 – Lisa Voss Formation Media Apprenticeship Journal

With just over a month to go until the end of my apprenticeship, I’m busy liaising with my development coach to schedule extra face-to-face time, whilst focusing on accruing off-the-job hours with online training courses alongside workplace training.

I’ve been given a great deal of off-the-job training opportunities recently – providing event support at an exhibition, conducting a software training session with a fellow colleague and ordering and organising the shipping of marketing collateral abroad to name a few – all areas new and exciting!

I was fortunate enough to meet the Creative Alliance Board of Directors the other week. This was an opportunity in which I was given the chance to put across some ‘on the ground’ feedback. This gave me a huge deal of insight into the reasoning behind different processes and tutoring formats within the apprenticeship training sector. As an apprentice keen to fly the flag for older students, this kind of discussion gives me a much fuller understanding when discussing apprenticeship training with friends and business contacts!

Tonight, I’m attending Creative Alliance’s first ambassadors networking event – I’m excited to get involved!

Nov 2018 – Lisa Voss Formation Media Apprenticeship Journal

My apprenticeship can technically finish on the 27th of this month, but I’m thankfully using the 13th consolidation month to ensure I finish off my apprenticeship work to a good standard, alongside maintaining my day-to-day duties at work.

I’ve been lucky enough to secure a full-time position at Formation Media, with my new title soon to be Head of PR come January! More exciting still, I’ve been given the opportunity to develop and run with a new Formation service of PR support. I’ve recently been involved in the development of a new service brochure with the graphic design department, which is so incredibly exciting!

Over the next month you’ll find me at my desk, eagerly swatting up and completing any outstanding apprenticeship work!

That’s it! The full year for Lisa. Lisa has one final month and she is finished. That means she has a qualification, a full time job, a salary and a new career. 

Lisa is now an apprentice ambassador and has really embraced the Creative Alliance values for helping people into Creative, Digital and Marketing careers.

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