Apprentice Success – Jay Muldoon

Beyond an Apprenticeship

Jay Muldoon is one of our Digital Marketing Apprentices who graduated from his apprenticeship this month, and is now moving on to an exciting new role, working in social media for a £992 million firm based in Coventry. Here is what he has to say about his time studying with Creative Alliance.

Throwback to when we spoke with Jay at the start of his apprenticeship!

How has your Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Creative Alliance impacted your career?

Over the last year, I’ve completed a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Creative Alliance. I’ve been based in Coventry, working for a young persons charity, Positive Youth Foundation. At its core, my apprenticeship has given me the chance to learn new skills, around marketing and accessing digital spaces from building compelling campaigns, to using fundamental industry standard apps like the adobe suite and scheduling tools. These skills are useful for any job in a digital space and will be the momentum behind my career.

What opportunities did your apprenticeship with Creative Alliance help you access?

My apprenticeship has unlocked so many doors for me and has given me the tools to get involved in the industry. Supporting my access to attend and speak at industry events like Voxburners annual Youth Marketing Strategy Conference in London. Beyond this, there have been so many opportunities for my personal growth and development. Since Creative Alliance teach such a breadth of things there are always extra circular workshops, lessons, and training to tag on to.

What’s next for your career progression?

Now that I’ve completed my apprenticeship, there are so many opportunities and doors that are open to me. I’m going on to a larger firm based in Coventry, Severn Trent, joining their team as a marketeer specialised in social media. For myself, and a lot of other apprentices, there are usually job offers from your current employer, so staying on is always an option too. Even though there are so many opportunities to grow and learn with Creative Alliance, my biggest priority is to keep learning and taking my professional development further!

Is there any advice you would give to people considering to start an apprenticeship?

I would hugely recommend Creative Alliance’s apprenticeships. The last year has been amazing and there have been so many other apprentices that I’ve met and been on this journey with.

With Creative Alliance you are assigned a development coach, essentially your 121 mentors, and over the last year my mentor, James Griffin, has been my no1 supporter and such an amazing help. These development coaches make the journey into the workplace and your journey into the world of work seamless and support you in so many ways, every step of the way

How does finishing your apprenticeship feel?

Finishing my apprenticeship feels so surreal. So much has happened over the last 13 months yet it feels like it has flown by. Although I feel confident graduating from my apprenticeship and transitioning into a more senior role, I’m hugely excited and motivated to start my new role as a Social Media Officer, with Severn Trent, there are so many hard-working, kind and inspiring people, and I can’t wait to join their team, and learn from them all!

My apprenticeship has really kick-started my career in marketing and has enabled me to build a solid foundation for a strong future.

At Creative Alliance we love to share the success of our apprenticeship. You can connect with Jay directly through his LinkedIn page.

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