Are Apprenticeships a genuine pathway to success in the Creative, Digital and Marketing Sector?

Creative Alliance is a provider that specialises in Creative, Digital and Marketing apprenticeships, we strive to place people into genuine roles and apprenticeships across the creative, digital, and marketing sectors every day. And we do it on the most part, placing hundreds of young people primarily in roles like digital marketing, junior content producer, events assistant, and creative venue technician.

Are Apprenticeships a genuine pathway?

As LOUD as I can say it: Yes they are. We are biased but with this industry, they should be looked at as an incredibly effective way to get a genuine career in the creative, digital, and marketing sectors. We have learners who have gone on to work for Disney, and not only work for them but become one of the fastest promoted members of the events team. Learners who now work in world-renowned marketing agencies and travel the world. So if you are looking at working in this innovative sector here are 5 reasons why you NEED to consider apprenticeships for this sector.

1. You get experience.

Remember an apprenticeship is first and foremost a job where you get experience. We work with employers every single day and honestly, a lot of them want to see two things your passion and what you have done. Which if you think about it, potentially is the same thing. Your passion? If you want to go into content production; how passionate are you about the creative sector? If the answer is “very passionate”, then usually the response is: “Prove it”. This then leads to what have you made. If you are a passionate content creator, show us your TikTok channel, your youtube channel. To get a full-time, well-paid job you need experience. So, prove your passion, get an apprenticeship, and get the experience for a career.

2. You understand the pace of this industry.

In education, you often get 10 weeks to complete a project. In the real world, you might get a week. If all you ever learned is that it takes a week to create that product, then that’s all you know and you will get quicker and better at it. That’s what you learn in an apprenticeship. You will also understand the scope and reality of the industry. Creativity has its boundaries and those are generally based around the brief you have. Meaning sometimes you need to work on boring projects, but that’s ok as it pays the bills and you still get to do what you enjoy doing. Some projects are really creative and make it all worth it. But understanding this pace is a priority to becoming a professional.

3. You get to learn.

Part of the apprenticeship is that 20% of your contracted time is dedicated to training. Yes, you heard that right. You get paid to learn. An apprenticeship with Creative Alliance involves seminars, 121 sessions with a professional development coach, and time to work on projects. This means throughout your apprenticeship you will learn, you will then put that learning into practice, learn a bit more, put more of it in practice, and so on. The idea is that by the end of the apprenticeship you a competent professional with experience.

4. Most get an actual job at the end of it.

Every apprenticeship has to have a contract, but it can be fixed term to the length of the apprenticeship. So it is not guaranteed you get a job. But most employers are looking at the apprenticeship as a way to expand and develop talent and 85% of our learners go onto full-time jobs with their current employers.

5. You can progress onwards.

Most would start their creative career as a Level 3 (A-Level), then you can do a level 4 (Foundation Degree) and you can even go onto a degree-level apprenticeship. This now lays out your pathway. You do a level 3 apprenticeship, at say 17, as a digital marketer in a marketing agency. It takes 15 months. You are now 18. You do a level 4 apprenticeship, on a higher wage and it takes 18 months. You then move on to a higher wage and complete a degree apprenticeship, it takes 2 years. You are now 21/22, no debt, degree level training with 4-5 years experience. Basically, you are unstoppable.

So is it a good path? Yes, but it’s a hard path, it takes a lot of work. But it yields bountiful rewards. It really is down to how serious are you about having a good career in the Creative, Digital, and Marketing sectors? That’s the real question you need to ask yourself!
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