Are apprenticeships the solution to a surging technology arms solution?

It can be difficult to ensure whether we possess the capability to innovate within a surging technology arms race.

In the past, resourcing issues were resolved by outsourcing. Present times now show that CIOs (Chief Information Officers) are seeking new answers when wanting to find talents that could aid in the disruption of their businesses.

A way of ensuring you have the capability is knowing whether you can answer these vital questions of what do we have now, what talent is needed in the future, and then proceeding to work out the contrasts between those two. This is your starting point which indicates not just what you need to recruit but also an outline to consider and where you can find the best sources to fill gaps.

The introduction of apprenticeships within organisations seems to be the most appealing solution.

Apprenticeships are a brilliant opportunity for a business to introduce new talent. Apprentices prove to be advantageous as you can aid their development of skills which you require as well as introducing them to the company culture. From this, they are made complicit with the success of the organisation, and a sense of loyalty is instilled into them, as well as the business being able to develop talent through organic growth. The learning process of apprentices is less linear compared to that of those attending university, they essentially become a part of your culture and future landscape of skills and employees.

Apprentices should not be subjected to only one level. As those who possess certain talents continue to look for routes into their selected careers, they become a desired option to a variety of individuals including those who have recently finished university, along with career changers. Thus meaning there is a true opportunity to be innovative and introduce apprenticeship schemes that have the potential to meet your business’ needs across all levels of the business.

In order to source the capability that is needed, you will need to adopt several approaches or a multipronged approach. An apprentice is the one element that will enable you to grow existing talent with the right set of still that are needed to disrupt the business. They sit easily alongside graduate schemes, also training and development for existing professional workers. Although, there is the chance to look at the business’ wide worker base and filter those who may be interested in collaborating or retraining and moving to work in the IT department.

This take shows you are once again taking the advantage of the knowledge and insight of the organisation that they already carry, along with the potential they have to then understand how you could disrupt the business.

We are now moving into a time period where portfolio careers are topping the career ladder, thus why a vast majority of people are interested in developing new skills or retraining. For many organisations, this an incredible break through; they are able to hold on to their best people who will be willing to go that extra mile for an organisation they are loyal to.

The power of networking also serves as an alternative to straight recruitment for any slippery and to aid in the development of the capability that is needed. The phrase of “it’s not what you know, but who you know,” can hold some significance.

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