Funding Available for Skills Development

Free Webinar - Funding available for Skills Development 10.00 – 11.30 June 30th Across the West Midlands region WMCA, Local Authorities, LEPs, Chambers, FSB, CBI, The Ladder and DWP have all come together to create an overview to showcase the funding that is available across the region for employers. This...

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Creative Alliance is a Specialist Kickstart Gateway for Creative, Digital & Marketing Roles

Digital Marketing Assistant, Events Assistant, Animation Studio Assistant, Assistant Producer, Venue Technician Assistant, Copywriter Assistant, Digital Content  Assistant, Design Assistant, and Web Development Assistant. Join our Gateway and access the grants that will enable you to employ an unemployed young person and have their wages paid for you through this...

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Digital Marketing Course Starts July 1st

  Digital Marketing Course Starts July 1st. Getting to grips with our own digital marketing is one of the many lessons the last year has taught business leaders. Learn with Creative Alliance how to rocket boost your Search Engine Optimisation, stand out in Google rankings and carry out your own...

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E-learning Blog Title

The Growth Of E-Learning And How We Can Help

COVID-19 has presented many challenges for businesses everywhere. However, some businesses have been able to thrive better than ever during this difficult time. The E-learning sector being one of the biggest because of the COVID-19 impact. In fact, "in the current year, revenue is expected to increase by 13.1%" for...

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How can Creative Alliance help the recruitment sector?

How can Creative Alliance help the recruitment sector? There are many apprenticeship opportunities within the sector, Digital Marketing being the biggest, but content producer, customer service, and business administrator roles can also be helpful. At Creative Alliance we offer a wide selection of creative and business apprenticeships suiting a variety...

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How Apprentices Can Help The Healthcare Sector Succeed.

Since COVID-19 there is a larger presence of healthcare on social media. From companies offering mental health services, to advertising the importance of washing your hands all the way to the government encouraging people to stay safe through multiple “Hands. Face. Space.” campaigns. Creative Alliance are specialists in Creative, Digital...

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How we find the right talent for your company?

We always try and find the best talent for your company. It is our way to compete with others. We know we can find the right person for you, but it will take us time. Our process is long winded but it means we know we will find you a...

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Software developer apprentices can help you grow

Grow Your Business With A Software Developer Apprentice

Apprenticeships can bring in young and enthusiastic talent. This is much needed for a software development company because although there are some great innovations out there already, we are still learning and coming up with better software and technology every year. If you want to find out how you can...

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New Flexi-Apprenticeships Announced – We’re There Already

The Creative Industries have been at the forefront of lobbying Government for changes to the apprenticeship employment rules. This is because in our sector, project-based employment is often the norm and we have struggled more than other sectors to comply with the 12-month minimum employment contract apprenticeships rule. A £7...

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£3000 Grants to Employers who Recruit NEW Apprentices

Grants for new hires extended and improved Employer incentive payments to encourage employers to recruit new apprentices into their businesses were introduced back in the summer of 2020. These incentive payments have now been DOUBLED to £3000 for every new apprentice, regardless of their age. 16-18 year olds come with...

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