Bouncing Back: A record number of apprentice hires show businesses are rebuilding.

70+ Creative, Digital and Marketing Apprentice hires show businesses are building back.

2021: Autumn going into Winter have been very successful months for us with a record amount of Creative, Digital and Marketing apprentice hires. This is great for Creative Alliance or course, but it is showing to us the robustness and guile of the creative, digital and marketing sector over this difficult time. We have seen many businesses adapt and adjust to create new products and build new revenue streams that have not only helped them survive but helped them grow.

We do really appreciate that some companies have really struggled and that jobs have been lost and we do not want to be glib or dismissive of that. But we do feel a sense of hope with a huge amount of our clients, that they have been able to survive and thrive through a tumultuous period. Innovation comes through necessity and I see that speaking with clients everyday.

Is hiring a creative, digital and marketing apprentice in your plans for 2022?

Shekinah one of our former digital marketing apprentices. Now marketing coordinator at DanceXchange.

As business development manager, I get a little glimpse into how a plethora businesses are bouncing back amongst our 250+ clients. As they call me and ask for apprentice hires, we chat and speak about their business. They need capacity and they need someone to support their current staff, because new revenue streams have brought additional needs for the business.

It is not just digital and marketing sectors either. Theatres are bouncing back to life, cultural centres have opened their doors with gusto. Other sectors are also seeing the need for innovative marketing and are using digital channels to reach their audience. Companies in the engineering, health, accounting, legal and lots of other areas.

We are usually quiet leading into December but we have seen a constant stream of Creative and Digital apprentice hires for companies across the UK looking to build, to stay competitive and ensure the future of their business.


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