Can you do Digital Marketing For Your Business yourself?

Can you do Digital Marketing For Your Business yourself?

As someone who visits and works with a lot of creative and digital businesses the answer is yes, of course you can. The real question is do you want to do your own digital marketing yourself? Because to do it you have to do it full on. Going half into it will result into a fail.

That doesn’t mean for your little flower business you have to have the Instagram that a Kardashian would be jealous of – just that you have a considered plan and know how to deliver it. Look, Digital Marketing is not an exact science but there are some things you can do that will help.

  1. Have Clear Goals.

Why do you want Instagram? What is twitter for and for how long do I have to keep doing it? The thing is you need all of them and you don’t need any.  You need to decide what you want to achieve. So for first timers this is what should work.

All your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram needs to do something and needs to achieve something. So what is it. 

Set yourself targets – “I will increase likes on Facebook by 20% over six months.”

Have an aim for your Social Media – “Make sure all your social media is aimed to the website”

With these clear targets it makes it easy to create the posts each week.

  1. Track Your Activities

Not everything works – track what you are doing – set time each week/month and review what went well and what didn’t work.  Look primarily at engagement – if that is increasing you are doing something well.  Using Insights is fine.

  1. Digital Posts and Social Media

Don’t be all over the place – Variety is great – but don’t be serious one day, then humorous another. Think about what you want to do and what tone then stick to it.

So for our flower shop again you will want to sell your products so put out posts selling products.

But you can also teach people how to arrange them perhaps

Or inform them of what’s coming up.

Just make sure you are passionate and have a plan. And be daring – if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Don’t panic.  People will engage if you want them to engage and make efforts to do that.