Championing, connecting and inspiring the West Midlands creative community

As an Independent Training Provider that operates as a social enterprise, we dedicate our profits to supporting emerging creative talent through career fairs, networking events, programmes and other creative community-focused projects.

Intensive Foundational Courses


Intensive courses funded by the Department for Education that offer a different path into work or an apprenticeship. They aim to provide foundational skills on a specific career path and guarantee an interview to a job for participants.

Creative Career Events Toolkit

CAREERS Week 2023

We partnered with Arts Connect to support the creation of four different careers events delivered by four Local Cultural Educational Partnerships (LCEPs), that resulted in the creation of a Toolkit for the delivery and organisation of similar events in the future.

Empowering Creative Professionals


A mentorship programme for upcoming young freelancers in five different cohorts of the creative industry: Music, Performance, Visual Arts, Marketing and Film & TV. A group of 60 talented young professionals was matched with industry leaders to grow and develop their careers.

Inspiring the Next Generation


A library of video case studies that tell the stories of successful creative professionals in various creative fields that call Birmingham their home. This is an expanding resources to inspire new talent and provide advice for their careers.