Completing An Apprenticeship: Jenny’s Story

Jenny, a Digital media marketing apprentice with Contented Limited has just finished her qualification. Creative Alliance caught up with her to see how she feels about reaching the end of her level 3 apprenticeship.

“I feel proud that I have managed to study as well as grow professionally. With my apprenticeship completed, I feel ready to start my career in marketing.”

Jenny is proud of her achievements overall as an apprentice, but being trusted to programme manage a project in Bulgaria was a particular highlight for her. She says that the trip was successful and takes pride in the fact the company trusted her to represent the brand in a foreign country.

“I had to plan the clients and the company staff trip to Bulgaria as well as supporting the content creation whilst out in Bulgaria.”

Jenny feels that she has learnt, and changed a lot during her apprenticeship. She has gained knowledge and confidence in marketing, learnt how to cope when under pressure, and gained confidence in communicating with people of all nationalities and backgrounds.




With the benefit of hindsight, Jenny has realised that she would like to have been more confident in her work at the beginning of her apprenticeship as she was there to learn, and is aware that help and support was available to her whenever she needed it.

Despite wishing she had more confidence at the beginning, overall, Jenny feels that she has made the most out off her time as an apprentice. She is particularly pleased with the knowledge she has gained and having been given the chance to meet a few really inspirational people.




The final few days of the apprenticeship have been relatively easygoing for Jenny. She says it has been ‘a relaxing period of time’ where she has just been put the final few finishing touches on her coursework evidence.

The process of finishing an apprenticeship is something that every previous apprentice will have done, but a lot of people do not know much about the process. Here is what Jenny has to say about her experience:

“Once you have completed all your evidence, you have your final review with your assessor. You sign a few pieces of paperwork to say you’ve given in all your evidence and your completed. Then all you have to do is wait for your work to be checked and your certificate to arrive.”

Now that Jenny has finished her apprenticeship and gained her qualification, she is very happy to be able to say she is qualified to support companies with their digital media.




Despite being glad that she has completed her apprenticeship, Jenny feels that there are some aspects of her apprenticeship that she will definitely miss. She cites working with all of her international colleagues to create interesting content, as something she will definitely miss.

Now that she has completed her apprenticeship, Jenny hopes to work full time as a marketing assistant.

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