Creative Alliance has a creative talent avalanche

For IDM Media the creative talent rolls in…

At the moment Creative Alliance has just closed a Creative and Digital Media apprenticeship; film production position with IDM Media. Now this is nothing unusual, we close positions each month. (see vacancies here). But this opportunity had over 400 applicants. That is a lot of creative talent. Now normally a film position does have a higher applicant rate than other opportunities. But in one week to have 400 applicants for one position is unprecedented.

And we are seeing this across all positions, due to young people finishing exams, graduates able to apply (see blog) and apprenticeships being now an accepted viable option (with the help of major advertising campaigns) we have seen a really increase of talent. But not up to 400.

This is IDM’s second position with Creative Alliance supported by a strong working relationship. IDM’s last apprentice George Souster was offered a full time position and still works at the team in the Jewellery Quarter.

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We spoke with Simon Russell, Director at IDM about his apprenticeship recruitment:

“Here at IDM Media we’ve had a lot of success with Creative Alliance’s apprenticeships. As well as our first apprentice being a real asset to the team and being taken on full-time, hearing that our latest apprenticeship vacancy has attracted a record number of applicants is very exciting indeed!

There’s a real wealth of talented individuals out there and we’ve been so impressed by the potential candidates for the role. Aside from qualifications what we are really looking for is someone who is eager to learn and apply their creativity and that’s just the sort of person that apprenticeships attract – those who want to build on their skills and become a part of a team.

We’ve found Creative Alliance really supportive throughout the whole process and easy to work with. Despite so many candidates applying they have been able to check eligibility and send over batches of applications to us on a weekly basis. We would definitely encourage other employers in the creative industries to consider employing an apprentice!”

IDM creative talent

With talent flowing in, it’s prime time for employers to start to seriously consider apprenticeships in their organisation. Do not miss out on business changing talent. Its your people that make your company.

Let Creative Alliance aid you on developing an apprenticeship position; speak to us here.