Creative Alliance wins at 2017 Birmingham Education Awards

Delighted to have been recognised by The Education Awards as outstanding contributors to education at their recent ceremony. And it’s now official as it’s on their website. 

It’s for our high quality apprenticeship provision and apparently it was some of the clients we work with who nominated us so double chuffed at that.

Quite rightly the organisers didn’t allow for winner mic time on the night (and just as well in our case as we were a bit excited!). But no win can be allowed to pass with the Oscar Thank Yous. So … Thank You: to the apprentices, the employers, the suppliers and the team here at Creative Alliance – and the judges!

And we’re looking forward to working with the good people behind The Education Awards to help make the education awards even bigger success in 2018.

Yours faithfully –

Noel Dunne – Managing Director