Creative and Digital Apprentices are not just for creative and digital agencies

“As a Digital Marketing assessor I have seen business develop and grow over 6 months of hiring”

I work as a Digital Marketing Assessor for Creative Alliance. Also I have an extensive professional background in digital marketing and as a creative marketer I have managed apprentices and seen them develop. So I have seen all the ups and downs of digital apprentices. Its been a big part of my life and developing young people in Digital and Creative skills is a passion of mine.

I feel I do know what it takes for a employer to get the best out of their apprenticeship and I’m always ready to learn more as I continue. But the one thing I do know is that its not a Creative business that needs a creative, digital and marketing apprentice. It can be any business that needs to support their digital marketing. We have logistic companies, van companies, print companies and much more  who have a digital or creative apprentice.

So I have detailed here a few of my apprentices that I taught as an assessor, all of whom have worked in businesses that’s product or services are not based in the creative industries.


Cooksongold are the largest company in this list and they have quite a formidable marketing department.. They work in metals, jewelry and hobbyist jewelry making tools. It is a large e-commerce site. They took on an apprentice, Edward, once again to help support the company and their marketing efforts. About half way through the apprenticeship part of the training is to develop and pitch a marketing strategy. As the assessor I always try to make sure their training is relevant to the work they are doing tailored to their approach. So this was a strategy based on their upcoming Christmas campaign (an important time for all digital retail). He pitched to his manager and myself and in the end they started to use his ideas.


Warrior Doors

Warrior doors, a security company based in Birmingham, hired Adam in the first quarter of 2017. Within their marketing department, they wanted someone who could provide support. This was a business decision. Not based on budget but based on need. They are growing and needed to build the department right.

Warrior doors is not an easy sell for a wet behind the ears apprentice. Speaking with their operations director we decided actually finding someone who had already done a year apprenticeship and place him on a Level 4 (Foundation Degree) Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. They were offering minimum wage (so no cheap labour cries) and a fantastic opportunity for the right person.  Creative Alliance has specialised in finding the right person for the right job.

Adam, the apprentice that they hired has fit right in – he is editing all the website, developing content for the social media and helping arrange more events. Once again this support has recently meant they have won one of their biggest contracts they have ever had and in a new industry. With his training and development he is already essential to the department.

Derby Museum

The museum like all businesses need to market themselves, they need to get people in the door and they need to make sure they return. And like most places the budget for marketing can be limited. When Creative Alliance Apprentice started the museum was only open one day a week to the public and held some events.

They had one person who was in charge of marketing and the numbers were ok. When the apprentice, Nicole, came in it did two things almost immediately. Firstly the apprentice was tasked to doing the social media. Scheduling it, then writing it, then organizing and in charge of it. All within three months. The marketing manager was now able to organise more events, get the message out there quicker, more efficiently and more consistently. By the end of the twelve months the museum was open 5 days a week, the apprentice passed her qualification and started to work at the museum full time and their marketing numbers were up by a lot!


These are just three examples of how business grow, develop and benefit from apprenticeships. Its not the only thing but it is an important part of a business growth.

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