Creative and Digital talent is coming in; are you ready?

We look over the best way to prepare for the next wave of Creative and Digital Talent.

As a training provider that specialises in Creative, Digital and Marketing talent we have busy periods and quiet periods. Like any business that is somewhat seasonal we prepare for the busy periods and regroup during the quiet ones. We are not like colleges or universities in that we are not constrained by term times so we can bring employers and apprentices on at any time. This suits our employers as they are able to hire when they need, not when it’s convenient for us.

For instance, Christmas is a quiet period for us whereas summer is exceptionally busy. On that note we are currently coming into a very busy period for talent. As people finish their GCSE’s, A Levels. BTECs and degrees they are looking for the best opportunities. A lot of the talent we get are now looking at apprenticeships as a genuine alternative to university. These people are usually driven, enthusiastic, smartly dressed and are looking to get ahead in life for the right business.

Employers looking to hire the best should get on and start to look at this talent. Hundreds of our businesses we work with are really on the pulse about getting the right talent to help expand their business and strengthen their team.

We have put together a few ways you can look to get the right talent in your company.

Think of a role

When we work with employers, the first thing we ask is what is the role for your apprentice? Everyone always wants to feel useful and valued at a business and a structured role attends to that. What do you need the apprentice to learn to do?

Interview well

At Creative Alliance we will search for your digital talent for you. This is not a quick process as we look for the right individual for your business and this can take time. So, when hiring make sure you know what you want from the apprentice. Some employers set tasks at interview and use trial days. These are all good ideas but the best way is to have a very structured interview that the individual has to prepare for.

Look to expand the role.

The interview process is not just for you to see them but also for the candidate to see your workplace. Be ready and prepared to tell the interviewee what you have planned for the role. This is not just 12 months apprenticeship you need to be looking beyond that. This creates a demand for your role – you may interview five people, make sure all five want your position as much as you may want them.

Be open minded

Remember the idea of an apprenticeship is to develop an individual over a year. You are not looking for a person to come in and fix problems. This is to develop the business with the

person who is right for you. Think about what talent you are looking for and what you can add to an individual and the skills that you’ll develop. You will get a huge return on that investment.

The Digital talent is starting to come in so make sure you are ready to get the right person in your business. If you are employer looking to hire a Creative, Digital and Marketing apprentice then please get in touch here.