Education & Success in Creative Jobs

On Thursday 9th of November we attended the first AIM Conference & Awards, where Creative Alliance was shortlisted for the Apprenticeship Training Provider of the year award. During the conference, we got to hear from leaders in the educational sector: Lord Simon Woolley, Karl George MBE, David Hughes CBE, Robert Nitsch CBE and Claire Holdcroft. All of them provided inspiring insights on their careers, but most importantly there was a common theme on the impact that education had for their development and career success. We resonated with this from our apprentices’ experience in creative jobs.

A Conference on Education

There’s no denying the impact that further education has for the development of individuals, and that it is also a vehicle to empower the future of any sector. This is specially true in the creative sector, where access to  education and creative jobs is not usually easy to find. A study from the Ravensbourne University has found that 42% from the young people surveyed, felt they were unable to pursue a creative career over perceptions that it was too difficult to join the industry

Lord Simon Woolley mentioned that “Education enables people” on the opening speech. This was further endorsed by David Hughes, when he explained that “Education provides the tools and resources that individuals need, to act on problems that we all have, therefore enabling change on a broader scale”.

We believe that apprenticeships have the ability to provide those learning environments that create paths to achieve equality of opportunities, and enable people to be themselves and find places to belong.

Lord Simon Wooley at the podium in AIMS Awards & Conference 2023 delivering a speech on education

Photo by: @aim_qag on X

The Ripple Effect

Through direct experience in creative jobs, an apprentice can start their career and earn a living while being in training for a specific role. It enables a collaboration between the employer and the training provider to form the next generation of leaders in their sector. At Creative Alliance we have seen how apprentices become accomplished professionals in their roles with the learning they receive from their place of work and our training seminars.

During the AIM Conference, we reinforced our mission to create better paths to success. Through the apprenticeship standards that we deliver, we continue to enable and support new talent to get into the creative industry, ultimately contributing to the wellbeing of the sector. Enabling new talent through apprenticeships pays back by easing the barriers to creative jobs, supporting the growth of businesses of any size and setting the foundation for a brighter future.

We want to thank AIM for having us, and give our congratulations to the other companies nominated!

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