Curry Design Studio use apprentices to create some of the best looking marketing

New talent from apprentice brings in new ideas for Curry Design.

Kate Curry is the owner and managing director of the Curry Design Studio based in Sutton Coldfield. They are small team of passionate creatives who are fanatical about design, marketing and branding. They work very closely with their clients to help them build the right branding design that truly reflects their values. Kate heads up this team and, as any passionate creative, loves to be as involved with the process as much as possible.

Late last year, Kate realised she needed help to achieve her vision. Kate made the decision to take on a digital marketer apprentice to help support her marketing needs. She was excited by the prospect of developing a young person to the professional standard expected from her clients.

Having an apprentice has been a great support and it has meant a higher output on her social media, higher quality marketing content and a maintained and up to date website.

Recently Kate and her apprentice, Elle, embarked on a larger project. With lockdown easing and businesses looking for a more efficient way to do business, Kate wanted a new way to inspire other businesses to bring in a new look.

Kate felt an effective marketing piece would be an e-book for prospective businesses that walk them through how to rebrand their image and teach them about how effective it can be. The e-book would give customers insights into the world of marketing and rebranding, and at the same time show off what the company can do through giving examples of what they have created.

Front cover of the ebook

Kate worked closely with Elle on what content the e-book should have, and it was up to Ellie to complete the research, write the copy and help design elements of the document.

Kate mentioned that Elle had “…become so confident with her words and she had put forward really strong copy for the e-book”, Since the e-book has been completed Elle has been integral to making sure it has been shared effectively on their active social channels. It has created a real spike to website visits and been something to shout about for the business.

“What was also great was this project became part of Elle’s training with Creative Alliance, so the development of this e-book perfectly suited her training, as well as bringing benefits to the business too.”

See below for excerpts from the e-book and you can see what a fantastic job Kate and Elle have done. You can download the full book here.


This is a perfect example of an employer supporting and developing an apprentice to be an effective and impactful member of the team. This will bring in business as well as be a part of Elles training. Creative Alliance always try to tailor the training of your apprentice to your business. The work they do to learn can be real life projects that work for the business too. To be honest that is the best way to do it.

Download the full book here

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