Digital Apprentice Speaks: How you can progress to Level 4

Jakub Korupczynski works for Queens Alexandra College for the Blind….

Jakub has worked in the marketing department and during that time completed a Level 3 apprenticeship in Digital Marketing. He then was offered a full time contract of employment. He decided to continue to train with Creative Alliance and transition to a Level 4 Digital Apprenticeship.

We got in touch with Jakub to write us a few words on starting an apprenticeship and working up to a Level 4.

“Starting an apprenticeship was a lot different to anything I had experienced before. With a passion for social media and Digital media and not much else in terms of experience, I went into it enthusiastic about the potential of developing my knowledge in the field. The Level 3 course provides a great insight and gives an overview of the different aspects of Digital Marketing, but was also tailored to my individual situation and workplace at times, teaching me how to apply these specifically within my work, but also giving me the knowledge to make my skills transferable. This was a major step in not only developing my knowledge and further affirming my passion for social media, but also developing my confidence as an individual and into a ‘professional’ so to speak!

Transitioning into the Level 4 course, I didn’t quite know what to expect in terms of being successful. However with the foundations laid by the Level 3 course and actively applying what I’ve learnt in everyday practice, my transition into Level 4 was enjoyable and successful. I was able to hone in on the finer details and more focused aspects of Digital Marketing, which I’ve found enjoyable and insightful. This has also allowed me to apply Digital Marketing practices more effectively within my work.

The apprenticeship as a whole has improved me as an individual and allowed me to become a young ‘professional’. It has boosted my confidence, giving me opportunities to try and learn new things. The course hasn’t only helped me to improve however, as I am able to do my job more effectively and efficiently as well as being more able and confident in coming up with new and fresh ideas, so my employer has also benefited and seen an improvement over the 2 year period! All in all, the apprenticeship has given me a clear path to success for the future.”

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