Our Digital Apprentices up their game in serious digital skills!

Do you need skills in PHP, HTML and Adobe CC?

What about a Digital apprenticeship?

We work with employers every day. Part of our service is to help them recruit for digital apprenticeship positions. Recently we have had a few digital coding & web development type vacancies. This has been for app and software developers. This has meant we have had a flurry of talent with some exceptional skills in PHP, HTML, MySQL and CSS. And in some of these cases they are self-taught. This shows a real passion and ambition to work in the digital industry.

Names removed for data protection.

First Candidate:

Age: 29


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Premier Pro
MVC framework

This candidate is a little older than our usual applicants but all his skills are self-taught. Remarks from our recruitment officer said he was “one of the nicest and most driven candidates she has ever met”. That is quite an accolade from someone who sees dozens of people every week.

This candidate is looking for a job at a digital business that develops websites, graphic design or software development.

Here are a few examples of this candidates work:


If you feel this candidate could work for you, email hannah@creativealliance.org.uk


Second Candidate:

Age: 30

• Analysis
• JavaScript
• LAMP servers
• WordPress CMS
• Fuel CMS
• Team player

Once again, this candidate is a little older than our usual applicants but is incredibly ambitious to change their career into something they are hugely passionate about. This candidate has a degree in computer science and has since become self-taught in dedicated web code. Currently working freelance, this candidate is looking for a stepping stone in a digital career.

If you are interested in this candidate please contact hannah@creativealliance.org.uk

If you are keen just to enquire about apprenticeships please contact us here