Safeguarding and the 3 advantages of having good training

Do you need a Safeguarding Qualification

If you work with children, young people and vulnerable adults it is best practice to have an understanding about safeguarding. This can involve having a robust policy. But also Training is an absolute must. If you are an educational institute OFSTED do look at safeguarding policies as part of their inspection and staff need to be trained.

There are plenty of light online courses we at Creative Alliance have found it important to have face 2 face training that will secure your staff safe in the knowledge that the people they work with are safe.
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Why Safeguarding Training is a must:

1 – You can spot neglect and abuse.
An abused or neglected individual is not as easy to spot as you think. If someone who attends your establishment is being abused do you know what their behaviour is like, what signs they may show? If you do – would you take action?

2 – Your staff feel more confident
Trained staff are more confident. Knowledge is power and if your staff, have a good understanding and have played out “what if” situations in training then they are more likely to be able to competently protect those they are responsible for.

3 – You Understanding procedures
If there is a serious safeguarding issue then what do you do? You may know in theory. “It has something to do with Safeguarding Board right?” This links with point 2 but giving your staff the right knowledge also means the correct actions are taken. This also all protects your business and your staff.

So if you work with children, young people or vulnerable adults then proper safeguarding training is a must. Please contact us now