Employ a Young Person – 3 things to remember.

3 ways to successfully employ a young person in the creative industry and make them an asset for your business.

Employing a young person is a really effective way to grow your business. If anything it’s essential to have young, bright intelligent people who will grow with your business. But there are mistakes that can be made. Here at Creative Alliance we have worked with hundreds of young people and got them into employment successfully.
1 – what are you looking for?
Identify the role that you want this young person to assume within your team. Produce a job description that sells your business, indicates the types of tasks your apprentice will be expected to do, the responsibilities they will have and the skills they need. Make sure that your expectations are clear. The right job description will enable the right candidates to apply.
2 – Structure
Remember most young people these days have only had part time jobs and have just come from a very structured educational institute. Have a clear set structure; what they need to do and when they need to do it by. Give your apprentice a work programme that indicates their goals. Establish an apprentice – mentor relationship that will enable and benefit their learning whilst at work.
3 – Let them be able to do something important.
Everyone has to earn their stripes and do their fair share of making the tea, but work is about trust and development. So within that structure you have established allow regular opportunities for responsibility. They could take on a small project or be the assistant to a project. Make sure it’s not too much too fast. But let them have that important experience of responsibility.
There is so much to think of in regards to hiring a young person. But the rewards can mean creating a legacy within your business and having it grow stronger and more successful.