Creative Alliance is a registered and accredited training provider who draws down funds directly from the Education Skills Funding Agency. This contract covers the costs involved with an apprentice qualification and programme delivery such as assessment visits, induction sessions, functional skills training, and exams (if required). Funds are not received, and no charge is made, for recruitment costs.

As a non-levy paying employer, 90% of the funding for the training will be covered by the government. UK apprenticeships require a 10% employer contribution: this is a government initiative called co-investment. There is no 10% co-investment fee if a learner is 16-18. An incentive payment of £1000 is also paid in two instalments if an apprentice is aged 16-18. There may be other grants available locally that we would be happy to help you with.

If a candidate is 16-18, there is no co-investment charge and an incentive payment of £1000 is available.

If a candidate is 19 or over, there is a co-investment charge. This depends on the apprenticeship and ranges from £40 to £95 per month.

Advertising on the National Apprenticeship Portal, the Creative Alliance website, other jobs boards we post to and our social media is completely free of charge and comes at no cost to you as an employer. If there is a successful candidate recruited then there is no recruitment charge to you. We set up interviews for you as part of the recruitment service.

There is a mandatory requirement that employers give all apprentices 20% of their total working hours for “Off the Job Training”. This is defined as “learning which is undertaken outside of the normal day-to-day working environment and leads towards the achievement of an apprenticeship.” We have always designed our apprenticeships with our employers in mind. We had already invested much of this year creating training plans using a blended earning approach combining online learning with face-to-face learning and seminars. This can include the following:

The teaching of theory (for example, seminars, role-playing, simulation exercises, online learning,)

Practical training

Time spent writing assessments and assignments

Learning support

Shadowing and mentoring

Industry visits and attendance at skills competitions

Working in other departments

We do as much of this in the workplace as possible because employers tell us they want their apprentices learning how to do things their way and to their standard and that is best done in the work place. ‘Off the Job’ does not have to mean ‘Away from Work’.

An apprenticeship is work-based learning so there will be a whole variety of training activities. These include some seminars and workshops, interactive online videos and learning guides, face to face and online coaching, work shadowing, mentoring, e-learning and individual research.

As an employer, you will be required to be present for some of the assessment visits and you will also have access to the online portfolio system OneFile, through which you can see how your apprentice is progressing. You can also ask the assessor directly at any point for an update.

All apprentices are also employees of the employer. Therefore, a contract of employment (called an apprentice agreement) needs to be put in place at the beginning of the employment and this should include all the employers’ standard rights and procedures including any trial period/review points. For further guidance please get in touch and request an employer guide.

The West Midlands Creative Alliance Limited is a company limited by guarantee. The company no. is 05351588.

You will be contracting with Creative Alliance and we will put in place a contract with all employers once an apprentice has started employment. Please see an example contract attached.

Apprenticeships take between 13 and 18 months to complete and legally must last at least 366 days at a minimum of 30 hours work/week. For part time work the apprenticeship must be extended so that the full amount of time the apprentice is on programme is equivalent to 30 hours x 52 weeks.