Apprenticeship Funding Advice

Employer costs and subsidies

When recruiting with Creative Alliance, you could be eligible for grants of up to £3000 depending on your eligibility to support you with your Apprentice. As an employer you may be eligible for The AGE Grant which is offered by the government to employers who fit the following criteria:

Your apprentice is aged 16-24 years.
Your business is based in England and has 50 or fewer employees.
You have hired no more than 5 apprentices within the last 12 months.


Creative Alliance subscribes to
the Fair Access Principle.

Apprentice salary costs: Key Figures

A minimum of £3.50 per hour (although you may choose to pay more). This is for a minimum of 30 hours per week with a maximum of 40 hours per week.

If an apprentice is aged 16-18 then the provider or college draws down 100% of the government grant to support their learning and assessment.

If they are 19-23 then only 50% of the funding is available and the employer is asked to make up the rest. Creative Alliance charges a fee of £85 / month for 19-23 yrs. Exceptions can be made dependent upon an employer’s circumstances.

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Other information

For further information please see the AGE grant employer fact sheet:

We have extensive experience of managing a variety of grants for our employers.
We offer this bespoke service as part of our recruitment service to you.

Here are some of the other funding schemes we work with:
Birmingham Jobs Fund, £1500 paid after 26 weeks in 1 payment: