Employer Case Study: The Mighty Creatives

We talk with Rosanna Cant the communications manager for the Mighty Creatives about being an employer of apprentices.

We like to make sure what we do as a training provider is right for employers and the apprentices we work with. One of the ways we do this is to speak to employers about their time with apprentices, looking at why they looked to hire an apprentice, how the apprenticeship benefitted their company, the trials and tribulations and more importantly whether they would hire an apprentice again.

We spoke with Rosanna Cant who is the communications manager for The Mighty Creatives. The Mighty Creatives is a charity that believes that access to play, creativity and culture is vital, significantly affecting how children and young people do at school, their health, their life chances.

  • Why did you decide to employ an Apprentice?

As a charity we encourage organisations to take on apprentices, so we have to practice what we speak, but awe also believe that apprentices add value to any organisation so why wouldn’t we.

  • What made you work with Creative Alliance as your Learning Provider?

We have worked with CA for a few years now before the apprenticeship, and based on this we believed they were in line with our values and were the choice for us really.

  • What job does the apprentice have?

The official job title is Marketing and Administration to work on our digital marketing, they work as part of the communications team helping in social media, web updates and assisting with events.

  • What does an apprentice bring to the organisation?

Its great to have fresh ideas and a new perspective in the organisation. We are very programme orientated and therefore occasionally ideas can get stagnant so having new people in brings a new angle. We found developing expertise in the apprentice brings constant and up to date understanding of how teaching and learning is done. In particular our current apprentice has lots of energy and enthusiasm.

  • How have Creative Alliance supported your apprentice?

They attend seminars and have a working training structure that is in place and this is great environment for the apprentice to learn in. The development coach is very supportive and knowledgeable too.

  • What would you say to other employers thinking about hiring an apprentice.

As an organisation we have developed the Apprenticeship Employer Tool Kit – Link Here – that’s got loads of advice. There can be a nervousness around young people from employers but really we have found this not an issue. Our approach is to take a fresh approach and to give learning alongside the role they are doing. If you get someone with eagerness and you spend the right time with them then you get from them a deeper investment in your organisation. The biggest value though is the up to date knowledge they get from the training from Creative Alliance.

The Mighty Creatives Toolkit for employers looking to hire apprentices is found right here.

If you are interested in hiring an apprentice then please click here for more information.