Why Do Employers take on Digital and Creative Apprentices

Employers speak to us about what effect an apprentice has had on their business.

We always go on about how digital and creative apprentices benefit businesses and how they can help grow a business. And as a training provider we see this evidence everyday with the employers that we work with. But I wanted to speak candidly with employers about their experiences with apprentices and how it’s affected their business. And not just recent employers but employers that have had a few apprentices over the years with us. Meaning they have seen the long-term benefit too. So over the next few blogs I will be speaking with employers about their experiences

I firstly spoke with Andrew Petrouis who is the Creative Director for Creative Agency Ice Media Productions UK (IMP). IMP UK are a Creative Agency that specialise in the leisure industry; specifically for Ice Rinks and Ice leisure centres.

Andrew and IMP have had a few apprentices with us over the years and have moved many of these into full time employment. I first asked what had led them to hire their first apprentice.

“I got our first apprentice as a handover from a previous manager, so initially it was not my direct choice, but working with them I saw how well they can develop and learn the skill set we need in such a short period of time”

It was interesting speaking with Andrew as he had inherited the position to help develop this young person and that he saw the positive benefits straight away. I asked how it had benefited the business

“Its interesting, when you bring on a graduate or someone with experience they bring in old ways/bad habits etc and of course the additional cost. With creative apprentices it is a blank canvas that we can tailor to our business. And with us taking on the training of these young people it has allowed us the opportunity to expand in different areas of the business and hire additional staff.”

The conversation was a lot more positive than I had hoped and it led to talking about what he would have done differently helping train these “blank canvasses”.

“For me it’s about patience; you have to remember that for some of these people its their first full employment, so its about letting them develop their technical skills, with your and Creative Alliance guidance and also putting in a foundation of good work ethic…..It’s about a about balance realising that they can be hands on deck but also they need time to develop”

We then spoke about the benefit to him and other parts of the business.

“ Its about delegation, as a manager I need to delegate and with the additional pair of hands means I can do that! And it frees up my time. But on a personal note for myself and staff all of whom have a part in our apprentices training its fantastic to see them grow. Its aspiring and assuring that this apprentice has grown into the role and become an employee from your teaching.”

I am currently helping guide and train Andrews apprentice and can vouch for the fact that the work that his apprentices produce is wonderful – as a company they are supportive and have benefitted hugely from apprentices and their hard work has been rewarded with a growing team.

Next week we speak with Deb Justice from Black Country Touring about their two creative apprentices.

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