Famous apprentices

Who said being an apprentice doesn’t get you anywhere?

With the vast variety of apprenticeships available in almost all career sectors such as acting, fashion, food and sports, there is something that anyone can try.

Apprenticeships draw in many people with different backgrounds, many famous faces started out as apprentices and have vocational training on their belts – let’s take a look at them below!

The fashion conscious

Despite having a famous father, Stella McCartney wasn’t stopping there and went on to take up an apprenticeship with a tailor on Saville Row when she was a fashion student. Her apprenticeship helped her pick up skills of the trade, sketching patterns and taking up trouser hems. There, she continued to open up an independent boutique in London, climbed the fashion ladder and is now a world-renowned fashion designer.

Another well-known fashion mogul nabbed an apprenticeship on Saville Row, Alexander McQueen progressed on to dress celebrities such as Kate Moss, Madonna, and Victoria Beckham.

The chefs

British chefs, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey were also apprentices in the catering industry before opening up restaurants of their own and bagging TV shows each. Both chefs offer apprenticeship programmes too!

The actor

You surely should know of Sir Ian McKellen. Rather than attend drama school like a lot of successful actors and actresses, he opted for a three-year long apprenticeship at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. From there he honed his skills and came on to be one of the most acclaimed actors in British history!


So, again, whoever said doing an apprenticeship didn’t get you anywhere was incredibly misinformed.

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