Film Skills Brum End of Programme Event with Michael Gubbins

Please join us on Monday 6 March for a celebratory event to showcase short films produced by the Film Skills Brum Foot in The Door participants and to meet with film industry professionals who have completed the Film Skills Brum Foot Up professional development and mentoring scheme.

We are thrilled to announce that our guest speaker for the event will be Michael Gubbins – Chair of Ffilm Cymru Wales (formerly the Film Agency for Wales), founding partner of Sampomedia and former editor of Screen International and Music Week.

Film Skills Brum

Those who work in the film industry should reflect the audiences and consumers of the creative product the industry creates and usually don’t. The funding for this programme aims to increase the diversity of people entering into the film and production industry. So that’s what Creative Alliance and The Producers’ Forum aimed to start to change with the Foot in the Door and Foot Up programmes funded by Creative Skillset through their Film Skills Training scheme.

Foot in the Door has created very skilled, talented and work ready young people who are learning about the reality of working in the creative sector.

“These young people are now aware of the realistic expectations of the industry and how to begin your trade and develop through the ranks. They know that humility, appreciation and dedication is what is needed to get in and get on,” Martin Simms, Film Liaison

Foot Up is a professional development and mentoring scheme in conjunction with Creative Alliance and supported by Creative Skillset. The programme, which has been running for the past four months with 16 participants, has helped early and mid-career film industry professionals from diverse backgrounds to improve and develop their skills to enable them to work on bigger film projects, but also to enable them to offer more skilled services to productions and enhance their careers.

Pip Piper, CEO for the Producers Forum, spoke of the partnership between the Producers Forum and Creative Alliance and the fantastic things happening on, and because of, the programmes – ‘the wind has changed and it’s great to be a part of that’.

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