Four things that you should know in order to improve your customer service

Four things that you should know in order to improve your customer service

1. Always under promise and over deliver

Promising the world and not being able to deliver is just not going to work for customers. All account managers who deal with large accounts will say there biggest job is managing expectations. So make sure that when talking with a customer – say the least you can do and deliver the most. That way the customer is surprised. A customer may not talk about great customer service but they will talk about bad customer service.

2. Know what you offer. Make sure you understand exactly what you have to offer customers.

This is not just you its all your staff. They need to know all the products that you offer. This shows a uniformed front, means your staff can be more helpful and means they have the ability to deliver on customer service problems. So do your staff know your products better than or the same as you?

3. Know your customers. If you know your customers, you can plan and deliver what they really want rather than what you think they want.

This is done by a little research – Feedback forms, talking with customers, surveys on who is coming in. Is it families or is it young males?

4. Never assume that a customer who does not complain is satisfied with your service.

Fail to meet expectations = customer dissatisfaction
Meet/manage expectations = customer satisfaction
Exceed expectations = customer loyalty

This really is just scraping the surface of Customer Service make sure you enlist Creative Alliance to improve your staffs customer service: Could business be better?