Freelancers – 4 ways to increase your income with Digital Marketing

As a creative freelancer you are in a competitive market. No matter how good you are there could be someone who is better, cheaper, more stylish and is telling more people about what they do. Here are 4 pieces of advice to start your Digital Marketing career and get it working for you.

So how do you stay ahead of the curve. You need to make sure you market your self properly through the right digital channels.

1 –

Pick your channels and master them.

So there are a million (not quite) different social media channels; Facebook, Behance, Instagram, twitter etc. Get good at the ones that will help you. Digital Marketing is about consistency; you have to keep posting and engaging. So don’t do all of them badly, pick the ones that work for your business. You’re a graphic designer get Instagram. Have something to say use Twitter or Facebook.


Make sure your Channels are linked

So you have to make sure your channels in social media are linked. Twitter should point to facebook or your website. Your facebook should point to your website. Thought of a good hashtag then make it work on all the platforms. There needs to be continuity across them all.


Don;t underestimate the power of email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool and cheap. Email technologies like Mailchimp are cheap and sometimes free. They have powerful tracking tools that mean you can see if people have looked at your emails and who they are. Its a great way to get your message out there.

To start you need to collect emails – so every networking meeting pick up cards and make sure you add those emails to your lists.



Don’t think you can do this on your own. Be passionate about what you do and look to make sure you learn how Digital Marketing works. This can be a real powerful tool and here at Creative Alliance on a daily basis we see how passion and proper training can be effective. These days there are an infinite amount of resources to build your skills and expand your horizons. There are lots of free options to get you started but if you are really serious get yourself signed up on a course.

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