How to apply for a Creative Apprenticeship?

This is a guide on how to apply for a Creative Apprenticeship with Creative Alliance 

Make sure you give yourself the best chance for a creative apprenticeship. This is a short guide on how to apply for one of our apprenticeships in 4 easy steps  

Step 1 – Look 

Firstly, go to our vacancy page and browse the jobs we have on offer. We have positions from all around the UK and a huge range of different roles. Creative Alliance offers creative apprenticeship opportunities in Digital Marketing, Digital Content Creation, Events Assistant, Creative Venue technician, Broadcast production assistant, Business Administrator and customer service. We bring in new roles each and every week so check back regularly. 


Step 2 – Apply 

Secondly, once you have seen a job you like, make sure you have checked the wage and location (you will have to get there every day).  You can now apply. Start by filling in our form and try to use examples and experiences from your life. Although we don’t expect you to have loads of experience for an apprenticeship, we do expect you to have passion and use what life examples you have to show us why you would be good for the job. 


Step 3 – Upload your work 

Thirdly, as you are applying for a Creative apprenticeship you need to make sure that you upload your portfolio, GCSE’s and CV including relevant experience. In regards to your creative work, a lot of employers put emphasis on the creative work you have done. It should be online, and it doesn’t need to be professional work for example it can be college work, personal projects or anything that shows your creativity. Employers are looking for that spark.  


Step 4 – Make sure you answer your phone and emails 

Lastly, make sure you answer your phone and emails – Check your junk and call back if you have a missed call. It might be a member of the recruitment team.


Here at Creative Alliance, we offer creative apprenticeships in areas such as Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Software Development and Events.

To find out more visit our apprenticeships page here. 

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