How we find the right talent for your company?

We have a recruitment process for apprentices and it works.

We always try and find the best talent for your company. It is our way to compete with others. We know we can find the right person for you, but it will take us time. Our process is long winded but it means we know we will find you a good apprentice for you.

This is how we do it:

Stage 1 – Job Description


We want to work on your job description so it attracts the right talent. Making sure the job description is right is vital to make sure the people who apply are somewhere in the region of what you need. Looking at the base skills; Photoshop, editing, copywriting etc.

Then we look at the person – are they ambitious, entrepreneurial, academic, good communicator.

And we make sure we word it right so that it a; does not scare good talent away and b; makes sure you get the people with the right raw talent to become an asset to your company.

Stage 2 – Advertisement and Screening talent


We then advertise your position – we do this across lots of digital channels. But we also do targeted adverts through Instagram, Facebook and Messenger. We know that is where young people are and that is where we find them.

Everyone who applies and is eligible will be called and spoken to by one of our recruitment staff. We talk to them about the position, about their passions for the sector, what experience they have that might be suitable. We also look at more pastoral elements like wage, travel to and from work and the training course. We make sure they understand what they are applying for and get an idea if they are ready to interview.

Stage 3 – Interviewing the talent


We assist every step of the way; we will book the applicants in to your convenience, will advise on prepared tasks for the applicant to bring in, we will also talk to you afterwards on your thoughts. The final choice will always be yours but we will support all the way.


Throughout the process – you will have someone at the end of a phone who will guide you. 85% of our learners stay onto full time employment. We know how to develop young people.


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