Is your team prepared for 2023?

2023 could be a tough year. Is your team prepared as it could be? 

There have been reports that digital ad spend and investment into marketing will have a shortfall in 2023 due to the economic downturn, global events, and political tensions. Looking at these statistics, social media ad spend will fall from 11.5% to as little as 5.2% in 2023. Resulting in a considerable amount of pressure on small to medium-sized businesses.  ( 


Content Creation Apprentice filming with.a video cameraHow can an apprentice help you weather the storm? 

Every business requires content and marketing to improve their online presence, keep their audience engaged and reach out to new audiences. An apprentice can support your organisation so that your team can take your business to the next level. They compose new and fresh ideas that result in new ways to reach target engagements and communicate with your customers or clients. ( ) Furthermore, it is important to build a diverse team, recruiting individuals with different backgrounds and history to improve inclusivity and representation, as Nisha Robb of Google demonstrates here: 

“It’s not just important for people to see and hear people like them but, crucially, to experience this in environments that are familiar to them.”  


It is time to make that leap and prepare your company for 2023 with the right person for you. 



Finding the right apprentice with Creative Alliance 

Here at Creative Alliance, we offer several apprenticeships depending on your business’s needs and goals. We work with you to decide the right apprenticeship standard and then assist you right through the entire recruitment process. With our in-house recruitment team, we assist with job descriptions, advertising the opportunity, screening applications, pre-interviewing applicants and offering a wealth of insight when bringing on an apprentice.

Content Creation and Digital Marketing are our most popular apprenticeships. This is why:

    • It is a way of communicating with your audiences through video, graphics and blogs. There are many ways to put your point across.
    • Marketing online is effective, efficient and cheaper than more traditional methods.
    • Content Creation is becoming a key part of any businesses’ marketing strategy.
    • It’s creative and impactful.   

Hear what our clients have to say.  

We spoke to Craig (Video Lead at Birmingham City Football Club) about why he took on an apprentice because he couldn’t find the right candidate for the role. 

Craig has taken on three content creation (LV.3) apprentices over the last 5 years because each time he has taken someone on they have become an invaluable member of the team. Apprentices get a very holistic education as they learn while on the job, from the seminars provided by Creative Alliance, individual research and from their development coaches. With this type of education and industry experience it allows the individual to grow and be moulded into the role. 

Apprentices not only become effective within the role and increase team capacity, but they also bring fresh energy and ideas. Craig mentions that two of his apprentices wanted to focus more on creating TikTok content which has massively increased social engagement and allowed the club to reach a new audience. Their TikTok account currently has over 90k followers, around 900k likes and millions of views, which is an incredible impact our apprentices have made on the organisation. 

Recruit an apprentice 

As the apprenticeship training is 95% funded by the government it is cost effective way to scale up and inject new exciting talent into an organisation looking to increase capacity and productivity. An apprentice can also develop further after their apprenticeship finishes, we offer higher level apprenticeships, such as Marketing Executive Level 4. This is a fantastic opportunity for learners to develop their skills set even further, as well the company gaining an apprentice with even more ideas and knowledge. 

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