Life of an apprentice: Digital Apprenticeship and their first weeks

Over the last few months we enlisted Lisa Voss, a graduate on our Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, to tell her story about her time as an apprentice for Formation Media

Lisa has sent into us a diary of her time at Formation media as a Digital Apprentice. Writing 100 words each month about her trials and tribulations. Below are the first three months:

Dec 2017 – Lisa Voss Formation Media Digital Apprenticeship Journal

25 years old, graduated four years ago… too old to be an apprentice? Several of the thoughts that admittedly crossed my mind as I took the decision to step away from a role in administration towards a digital marketing world, an industry I had no formal knowledge about. Armed with just a desire and willingness to learn – it was the best decision I could have made.

I was welcomed as any new employee might be, made comfortable immediately and began learning straight away. My first month at Formation Media has seen me write and schedule social media content alongside creating my own Christmas social media campaign, write numerous articles in various writing styles, analyse website and social media data to create reports for clients and compose and send out HTML newsletters.

I can’t wait to learn more – bring on the new year!

Jan 2018 – Lisa Voss Formation Media Digital Apprenticeship Journal

The new year has certainly made me feel excited for personal and professional development. I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into new tasks at work this month, continuing with my apprenticeship studies alongside attending a few Google Garage classes – I’m trying to fill my spare time with independent learning that’ll get me in the mindset of a marketer – be more mindful of other companies marketing, read more theory and develop my personal social media accounts more (I’m a keen Instagrammer, but fall short on Twitter and LinkedIn!).

Talking about my personal social accounts; I’ve found that one of the great, unexpected things about my apprenticeship is the freedom to tailor my assessments to me – throughout the year I’m able to develop my personal lifestyle website,, using the research and knowledge I obtain during both my studies and practical learning at work, with a review at the end of this year to see if the application of my research has worked!

Something I never imagined I’d be able to do – I’m excited for the challenge!

Feb 2018 – Lisa Voss Formation Media Digital Apprenticeship Journal

As my duties at work increase and learner statement assessments get increasingly harder, I’m really starting to feel my marketing knowledge and understanding develop.

One of the best things about my digital apprenticeship is how I’m living and breathing my studies at work and vice versa.

Development is continually encouraged in marketing and not just in the workplace – on social media through discussions such as Twitter #bufferchat (to name one from the many!), newsletters, seminars (Creative Alliance Foot in the Door!), webinars and on websites such as Marketing Week – there’s a real sense of ‘social isn’t selfish.’

My initial advice would be to conquer your fear of talking about marketing if you’re nervous and just go for it, everyone is willing to share their knowledge!

We will be continuing this journal over the next few months up until the end of Lisa’s apprenticeship.

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