Life of an apprentice: Digital Marketing Apprentice Lisa Voss – Heading towards the end now.

Each quarter we have been sharing the diary of Lisa Voss’ time as a Digital Marketing apprentice at Formation Media. This is the last three months from June 2018 to August 2018.

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Lisa’s first three months Dec 2017 – Feb 2018

Lisa’s second three months Mar 2018 – May 2018

June 2018 – Lisa Voss Formation Media Apprenticeship Journal

I’ve been lucky enough to attend several prospective client meetings recently, both of which was regarding e-commerce website development.

Feeling confident with our social media management services, I now feel I need to turn my attention to website development – payment gateways, plugins, servers etc… essentially the ins ‘n’ outs of a website, to enable me to pitch them eventually.

My Managing Director, Martin, told the marketing team that years ago a client asked him what ‘HTML’ stood for, to which he completely blanked until after the meeting – he warned us it’s an awful feeling, one that we should avoid at all costs! With that chat and ‘the fear’ in mind, I’m starting to direct my off-the-job training towards website development books and online videos, to support both myself and future clients!


July 2018 – Lisa Voss Formation Media Apprenticeship Journal

Following on from last month’s journal entry, I’ve truthfully found the sales/quotation process really difficult – I’m a ball of nerves when it comes to pricing up our services, terrified I’m going to massively underestimate the work or overprice the job. Thankfully I haven’t messed up so far!

I knew (and still know) that I’m going to be a juddering bus until I find my feet (wheels) and really get going. Formation has been brilliant in letting me explore different avenues of the business to get a feel for what I’m interested in – an opportunity I’m aware I might never have secured if I was working for an employer direct!


Aug 2018 – Lisa Voss Formation Media Apprenticeship Journal

It’s important to explore the new industry you’re in when undertaking an apprenticeship – being a working student, I’m exposed to so many opportunities to explore new areas of marketing if I so wish, both in the workplace and through my training provider.

Marketing, in particular, is extremely generous when it comes to career prospects – SEO specialist, market research analyst, account manager, copywriter… there are so many areas of expertise to get your teeth into.

Over the last few months, I’ve found that my strength, and main source of enjoyment, comes from writing – I’ve really enjoyed writing website copy and news articles, and have recently found myself gaining confidence in writing press releases.

With the end of the year (and my apprenticeship) in sight, I’m focusing my attention on creating good content whilst undertaking various online training courses to support my off-the-job training!


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