Life of an apprentice: Digital Marketing Apprentice Lisa Voss keeps us updated with her time at Formation Media.

A few months ago we published a blog about the first three months of Lisa Voss’s Digital Marketing Apprenticeship at digital marketing and website design agency Formation Media.

Lisa has continued to send us a diary of her time at Formation media. Read them below:

March 2018 – Lisa Voss Formation Media Apprenticeship Journal

Work is starting to get busy as summer quickly approaches, and I’m finding the increased workload beneficial in developing my skills and confidence. My apprenticeship, and I feel apprenticeships in general, are fabulous for helping a student work out what they want to do/where their talents lie in a new industry if they’re not 100% sure – it’s a great opportunity to experience different areas within a company and really gain a good understanding of the trade!

Marketing seminars began with Kathryn Taylor earlier this month – my first class was really enjoyable and very interactive. I’m really looking forward to future seminars with her and James Ellis over the next five months and delving deeper into the finer points of marketing theory!

April 2018 – Lisa Voss Formation Media Apprenticeship Journal

The last month at Formation has really pushed me professionally with a variety of jobs that have been completely foreign to me up until recently. I’m continuously having to merge and mix my existing workplace skills with my studies and on-the-job learning, exercise my lateral thinking skills in situations that are new and keep on top of my time management like never before.

I’ve felt nervous on multiple occasions about new tasks assigned to me as my role and I progress (presentations and public speaking, for example – eekk!), but I’m conscious now more than ever that nerves will only limit my career opportunities going forward and I’ll essentially get in the way of myself – I’m determined to harness those nerves and tackle any new responsibilities thrown my way with gusto!

May 2018 – Lisa Voss Formation Media Apprenticeship Journal

Almost halfway through my apprenticeship – I can’t quite believe how quickly the time has flown! As my responsibility increases, I’m finding myself handling elements of accounts independently, advising clients on our services (mostly GDPR at the moment!) and attending networking events to showcase the business.

An apprenticeship is a year of organic development and like higher education, success is an independent thing and very much up to the individual – growth happens naturally according to how much you’re willing to throw yourself into and get involved in. The biggest piece of advice I could give is say yes to every task thrown your way – think of it as an opportunity rather than a task that’s taking you away from your main employment objective. Even if it’s not in your job description, it’s relevant – perhaps not directly relevant to your role I appreciate, but certainly relevant in your career overall.

We will be continuing this journal over the next few months up until the end of Lisa’s apprenticeship.

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