Life beyond my apprenticeship – Matthew Bubb – Superdream – Media Executive

Matthew Bubb, started his apprenticeship in business administration for a marketing agency in 2016. We asked him about his life beyond the apprenticeship and to reflect back on his journey to where he is now.

“17th May 2016, I’m no longer an apprentice and the real word awaited me. Fast forward 2 ½ half years and 3 promotions later and I’m in a good place.

My apprenticeship gave me the real-life industry skills that are invaluable, and that a university degree just can’t provide. Such as giving a presentation on how the business is performing to the CEO and MD of the agency and creating supplier relationships.

Life after my apprenticeship has been incredibly busy, but not too overwhelming, due to the support I received as an apprentice. But it is only now that I am seeing just how valuable my apprenticeship has been. All of my best mates graduated university in summer, and I was often asked, while I was an apprentice and they were fresher’s, if I felt I was missing out on the university experience? The honest answer was no. I spent all my weekends visiting my friends at different universities while getting paid and got to party with them without doing the university work. Now they’ve all graduated and they’re the ones missing out… on work life. A lot of them are stressing about finding jobs, not using their degree to their full potential, and yet here I am, with an apprenticeship, nearly 4 years’ experience and I’m an incredibly valued member of a fantastic marketing agency. A lot of them are starting where I was 4 years ago. I feel I’ve had a massive head start on the real world compared to them.

I wouldn’t be where I am today, or have the confidence and knowledge I have, if it wasn’t for my apprenticeship. I’ve since given talks at events like the Birmingham Publicity Association and Birmingham Chamber of Commerce on the importance of considering apprenticeships rather than just following the crowd and going to university, as it can be an incredibly rewarding start your career if you put the work in.”

Matthew is now an apprentice ambassador for Creative Alliance helping carve the way future apprentices can learn, interact and develop within the creative, digital and marketing sector.

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