Lisa Voss introduces the Apprentice Ambassadors

Lisa Voss the chair of Creative Alliance’s Apprentice Ambassadors introduces her motley crew.

I’m delighted to formally announce the creation of Creative Alliance’s new Apprentice Ambassadors Scheme, aptly named Creative Ambassadors. My name’s Lisa Voss, and I’m the new chair of the organisation. Between myself and five other ambassadors – all past or present apprentices with Creative Alliance – we’ll be striving to create an online and face-to-face community for students, enabling peers to get-together and communicate more openly and easily, whilst empowering each other to share their knowledge on what a work-placed apprenticeship is like.

Although very new, we’ve got some exciting projects planned for 2019, so do watch this space. Our digital community is going to be the first thing we pour our efforts into, so please let other CA apprentices in your organisation know to like and follow our new Facebook page –

With initial announcements made, I’m really pleased to introduce the five of us in more detail –

Jasmin Walsh

Hi! I’m Jasmin and I’m nearly at the end of my apprenticeship in Cultural and Heritage Venue Management at the Royal Shakespeare Company. I’ve been there for just over a year and am based in The Other Place which is a multi-use venue with rehearsal rooms, a café bar, and Studio theatre so I get to turn my hand to a lot of different events and goings on. As well as being a theatre lover, getting involved with shows both on and off the stage in my local theatre company from the age of 8, I am also an amateur filmmaker. I made a short film for Channel 4 at the beginning of the year and have been scribbling away ideas ever since. When not absorbed in the worlds of theatre or film, I will probably be spending time with my fat little hamster or skyping my cats back home. I’m so looking forward to getting started as an Apprentice Ambassador, creating a greater sense of community between us all and hearing about all the different things everyone is getting up to.


Kayleigh-Rose Hayden


Hey! I’m Kayleigh! I’m 22 and from Wolverhampton.

I completed my apprenticeship in Graphic Design in 2017 after I dropped out of my Drama & Theatre BA course at University of Birmingham due to injury. I have since gone on to start my own business GildedCauldron ( freelancing as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator for a wide variety of industries as well as selling handmade items and art prints on Etsy. I specialize in T-shirt/logo illustrations for various creative businesses and individuals, from bands and musicians to wrestlers and photographers.

When I’m not stressing over Pantone swatches, I can be found screaming Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac songs from the top of my lungs, or my more recent obsession, the Hamilton soundtrack. I’m a cat mum to 2 rescue cats, Gatsby & Pippy who often have to deal with my terrible singing. I was once told I’d make an excellent politician but I’m not sure if it was a compliment or not!

I decided to become a part of the Creative Ambassadors scheme to help others who are coming towards the end of their apprenticeships and wondering ‘what now?’, as well as offering support to those in similar industries as I am!

Lisa Voss

Hi there! My name’s Lisa, and as of the 27th December, I’ll have officially graduated as a Level 3 Digital Marketing apprentice. My year-long work/study placement has taken place at Warwick-based media agency, Formation Media – an agency that specialises in providing marketing services for the engineering and manufacturing sector. Over the past year, I’ve developed skills in copywriting, reading and interpreting analytics, creating e-mail campaigns, managing clients and projects and crafting press releases – I’ve had a wonderful and busy year, and I’m over the moon to remain at Formation Media come 2019 as their new Head of PR.

In my spare time, I love nothing more than attending festivals or live music concerts, cooking or eating delicious food out, all whilst drinking a pint of pale ale. I’m passionate about Digbeth Dining Club (any CA students that haven’t yet ventured there after a creative seminar, you must go! Don’t forget to invite me, please!!)

If you’re after any advice on apprenticeships in general, OneFile, digital marketing or copywriting, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! I’m still learning as I go (aren’t we all), but I’d be more than happy to try and help out!


Matthew Bubb


Hi, I’m Matt, I’m 22 and from Birmingham.

I left college when I was 18 in 2015 and got an apprenticeship at SuperDream! Personally, for me it was the best decision I ever made, 4 years on and a cracking group of friends later I’m still at the agency and still I’m continuing to learn each day.  When I’m not at work I’m either following Aston Villa, down the pub with my friends or out raving, where in Digbeth there’s plenty of opportunity every weekend to do get your dancing shoes on! I’m also a bit of a foodie and gin connoisseur.  I became an ambassador for CA because I feel apprenticeships aren’t advertised or encouraged as much as university when at school, but they are a fantastic way to start your career and I’d like to help let other students know just how beneficial they can be through the ambassador scheme.

Joshua Burnside

I am Josh Burnside. I am events technician at unique venues Birmingham. I really enjoy the job as it suits me massively as I have always had a passion for technology. I have also been interested in trying to understand how different events are organised and how the technology side of an event goes from a brief in a meeting to the fully functioning event. When I am not working, I enjoy listening and playing music. My preferred genre of music to listen to is metal and rock however, I really enjoy playing a lot of soft rock and blues. I really enjoy playing drums to blues and soft rock. I would personally say that the reason why I am working in the creative arts industry is because I have always had a passion of being involved in trying to get an event to the standard the client expects from the event. I also like trying to troubleshoot problems and seeing a problem before it happens and trying to prevent it happening so that there is not anything to go wrong to make the event run as smoothly as possible.