Meet the graduates applying for apprenticeships!

Surge in Graduates applying for Creative, Digital and Marketing Apprenticeships

On May 1st the rules changed and apprenticeships became available for everyone. This has resulted in a huge increase in graduates applying for your apprenticeship vacancies. These include both recent graduates and those finishing next month. Graduates cannot already have a degree in a similar apprenticeship qualification so for a example:  graphic design graduate can’t apply for a graphic design apprenticeship but is eligible to apply for a digital marketing apprenticeship. The rule is that there has to be significant new learning in the apprenticeship qualification.

 Feedback from graduates about why they are applying is that they know how tough it is to get that first break and that would you value is experience.

 Here are a couple of graduates looking for apprenticeship positions with a company like yours:


Name: Shannon

 University: Birmingham City University

 Studied: Fine Art

 Why did you apply for apprenticeships:

” I am applying for an apprenticeship like Ikon Gallery and Blue Whale because I want to gain experience in different fields in the creative industry to help me decide and work towards my future career.”


Name: Alice Tomlinson

Studied: English

Why did you apply for apprenticeships:

“Even though I have just completed my English degree, I decided to go for an apprenticeship because I don’t have any practical experience at the age of 21. I also wanted to gain experience In a completely different industry that I have studied my degree in for three years.”

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