Multi-Employer Apprenticeship Model Survey

To give us your thoughts on a multi employer apprenticeship model, complete the survey here

For some time now we have had employers in the creative industries ask us about the possibility of setting up a multi-employer apprentice model. This is where the one apprentice is employed by a number of employers for the duration of their apprenticeship.

It could be where they work part-time for two employers for every week of their apprenticeship (the job-share model)  or they work full time with one employer for a number of months before moving onto another one (the carousel model).

The interest in multi-employer models comes from the nature of work in many of the sub-sectors of the industry. Some employers feel they can’t guarantee full time work for the 15 months that an apprenticeship now lasts. They want to take part but need a more flexible model.

Creative Alliance are seeking investment to develop and pilot this model. Its not been done before in this sector. To secure this investment we need to establish:

  1. What potential demand there is for such a model in the sector?
  2. What type of multi-employer model would be the most effective?
  3. Would employers be willing to pay the wages of a part-time and / or fixed term apprentice?
  4. What are the most effective ways of involving employers in developing a training plan that meets their needs and ensures that the apprentice acquires all the knowledge and skills to pass end point assessment?
  5. What are the potential barriers and how might we overcome them?

I’d be grateful if you could take 5 minutes to answer 10 questions which will help us develop this model. We’ll enter all the respondents in a draw to receive £40 of theatre tokens.

The Surveymonkey link can be accessed here:

Many thanks for your help.

Noel Dunne. Director.